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About us


Exploration Station provides children ages 2.9-8 years a place to explore, imagine, discover and create in a safe and inspiring environment.



At Exploration Station, children's imaginations are stimulated in a classroom filled with science discovery learning materials and endless ways to explore with art. Teachers aim to boost children's imaginations, heighten their self-esteem, and invoke curiosity. 


About the owner and founder Melanie Hajjar:

"I graduated from UMass Amherst in 2000 with a BA in Art/Science Elementary Education. I have been living in Nantucket since 2002 with my husband. Since then, I have created programs for children of all ages. My original program was Cosmic Creations, which offered educational birthday parties and after-school classes. I also started Seafari Girls, a summer day camp program for girls ages 6-9 years. In 2012, I opened Exploration Station as a culmination of all my programs and a location for them to operate. In my free time, I like to travel the world and enjoy outdoor adventures with my husband". 



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