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After school program

We're offering after school classes for fall 2023!

Tuesday 3:00-5:00- Seafari Girls for ages 5-8. This all-girls class is filled with exciting games and interesting projects. This is our very popular summer day camp program and features science and art projects and nature exploration. Each week with have a theme and take-home project. 10 classes $300. September 19- December 5

Wednesdays 3:00-5:00- Science Explorers for ages 3-8. This exciting class features a science project or experiment each week. Some themes include fossils, volcanoes, space, magnets, electricity, chemistry, and more! Students will also have time for free play in our indoor and outdoor classrooms! 11 classes $330 September 20-Dec 6

Thursdays 3:00-5:00- Creative Cooks for ages 3-8. In this class students will use all of their senses as they create something exciting to eat. Each week features a recipe that uses fresh and natural ingredients. Students will also have free choice time in our indoor and outdoor classrooms! 11 classes $330 September 21- Dec 7

Email for registration information

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